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14 Fabulous Facts About Being A Thick-Hipped Chick

Damn, it feels good to be a modern-day Venus.

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2. So mean, in fact, that when nine polite "excuse me!"s fail, your luscious leg toppers are the ones to keep things moving.

Yes, I have big, shapely hips. They also come in real handy when tourists can't GTHOTW so I can cross the street. #NYC

Not to endorse violence or anything. That's just your natural stride, right?

I would never hit a big kid who was mean to my 4 y/o on the playground. But I might forget how wide my hips are when I walk past them. #SAHM

3. If you #loveyourlines, there's even more to embrace.

5. Also, they make it easier to multitask while carrying your baby (whether it's the kind that resulted from all that sex or not)...

6. ... or anything else, really.

Advantage of having big hips: I can more easily carry my pchem book by resting it on my hips like it's a child. #bigred #forscience


8. They're an athlete's dream, too.

Big, strong hips can help make you more explosive for certain lifts, reduce your chances of injury as a runner, and if you're an equestrian, better your communication with your horse, among other things.

9. And in some cultures, your shape is referred to as a "guitar body."

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Since bodies and musical instruments are two of the most beautiful things in existence, we'd consider that a win. (And if you didn't know that one before, now you know. With this knowledge, go forth and slay.)

10. In fact, your shape is so stunning, women throughout history have sought to emulate it through creative tailoring.

See: the farthingale, the peplum, basically anything from the New Look movement.


12. And high-waisted jeans? They were made for you.

14. You know what, though? You don't need to trick nobody into nothin'.

Shakira always forces me to be honest with my hips, and you know what? I appreciate you Shakira. Keeping me accountable