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    20 Most Righteous Moments From Bombshell Model Ashley Graham's TED Talk

    Model Ashley Graham's recent TED Talk about growing up an outsider in the fashion industry has been making the internet rounds. Below are some of her best thoughts on self love, role models, the term "plus-size," and body positivity for all.

    1. When, first and foremost, she appreciated her inner beauty.

    2. And after that, when she lovingly surveyed every curve, lump, and dimple.

    3. When she so concisely articulated the modeling industry's problem.

    4. When she celebrated everyone else's bodies, too.

    5. When she hit ‘em with the numbers…


    7. (... and this lingering side eye...)

    8. (... and this one...)

    9. ... and then put the audience in her shoes.

    10. When she called out a false binary.

    11. When she spoke honestly about the pressures she faced as a teenage model...

    12. ... and about the only way warped perceptions of beauty can change.

    13. When she gave her mom props.

    14. When she knew who got to define her.

    15. When she got real about responsibility.

    16. When she encouraged her audience to #DropThePlus.

    17. When she served it to her critics... times five.


    19. When she invited others to hop on the body positivity train...

    20. ... and when she encouraged them make the best of what they've got.

    21. Want more? You can watch Ashley's whole sassy, vulnerable, and all around awesome TED Talk here.

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