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What's The Craziest Family Drama You've Experienced On Thanksgiving?

Gobble squabble.

'Tis the Thanksgiving season!

Soon enough, it'll be time for families to gather around the dining room table, acknowledge what they're most grateful for, and eat until they have to unbutton their pants.

But it can also be a stressful time. Maybe your mom will never be satisfied with your answer about when you're getting married, or maybe you can't stand to hear Uncle Jimmy declare one more time that Obama's not his president.

Whatever the case, things can get a little heated over the stuffing.

(OK, maybe more than a little heated.)

So, what's the wildest family feud you've experienced at a Thanksgiving get together?

Did your sister punch your cousin over their political differences? Did your grandma unwittingly reveal your uncle's personal indiscretions? Did a a comment about the wallpaper spark an all out food fight?

Tell us in the comments about the juiciest drama that's ever gone down at your family's Thanksgiving celebration.

Your story could be included in a future BuzzFeed post!