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This Teen Powerlifter Is Setting World Records And Acing Her Classes

LeeAnn Hewitt balances lifting, school, volunteer work, and more like a boss.

This is LeeAnn Hewitt.

Since moving to Florida from Jamaica at 4 years old, Hewitt has emerged at the top of her high school's Equine Pre-Veterinary Program, has earned membership in the National Honor Society and Chemistry Honor Society, and has just about completed her AICE diploma.

But she's not just academically gifted; she's also a record-breaking powerlifter and the youngest person ever to compete in the sport at a national level.

"I was recruited me to join the girls weightlifting team by my current coach and former leadership teacher," Hewitt tells BuzzFeed. "After I competed in my second state championship, I decided to pursue lifting outside of school. That's when I discovered powerlifting."

Just after Hewitt turned 16, she competed in the Florida State USAPL Championships, where she broke all of the previously set American and state records.

Later, at the Arnold Sports Festival, Hewitt broke six world records and became the strongest woman in her weight class' sub-junior category in squat, bench, deadlift, and total (which was 1,268 pounds, by the way).

Still, she hasn't let school take a back seat. "I sometimes find myself studying for exams while lifting," she says.

Impressed yet? She's also done it all with diabetes.

Hewitt attributes her success to her family's love and support, as well as her faith.

Among Hewitt's goals are to become the first woman to squat 1,000 pounds raw (without supportive gear), and to become an Olympic gold medalist for powerlifting. There's just one problem.

But it's no big deal; Hewitt is a longtime believer in the impossible.

"I would like to use my successes to inspire others who may be struggling in any way to remember that anything is possible," Hewitt tells BuzzFeed.

Get it, girl.

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