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    Tall Style Bloggers Share Their Top Tips For Dressing Well

    Truly the ~height~ of fashion.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Heels, heels, heels.

    Heights and Heels

    "Don't let the world steal your extra inches; if you're tall and heels empower you, put them on and rock them." —Sydnie of Heights and Heels

    2. Size up for more length.

    My Curves and Curls

    "Don't be afraid to size up. Finding long maxi dresses can be tricky at times. Every time I find one I really love, I go one or two sizes up to get my desired length." —Assa of My Curves and Curls

    3. And if that's not enough for you, behold the power of skirt extenders.

    The Classy Giraffe

    "It can be difficult to find a dress or skirt that's long enough, especially when you're tall. Skirt extenders are easy to style, and add a bit of class to your look." —Abigail of The Classy Giraffe

    4. Go bold.

    Sybil Street

    "Don't dial down your presence or the style options you can play with because of your height. Go with gusto! I wear prints to make even more of a statement." — Stylist Sybil Street

    5. Just belt it.


    "Being tall is an enviable thing, and creating a silhouette is the simplest way to flatter your height. Belting loose clothing at your natural waist will create definition and give the impression of a long, lean silhouette." —Hannah and Zoe of HøFSisters

    6. Know that cropped jeans are your friend.

    Embellished Dame

    "They can really accentuate the length of your legs, especially when you pair them with an ankle strap heel. You got the legs — flaunt them, girl!" —Tameka of Embellished Dame

    7. And high waists? Yes, please.

    The East on the West

    "Trends that make shorter women look taller usually look good on us, like a good ol' pair of high waisted jeans." —Akia of The East on the West

    8. And if you're worried about looking neat, definitely stick to skinnies.

    Alluring Heights

    "If you can’t find them jeans long enough, your best bet is to go for skinny jeans. It's easy to roll them up, making it look intentional." —Nichole of Alluring Heights

    9. Wear what makes you feel good.

    Style Scrapbook

    "I always tell myself, 'If you like it, wear it!' I spent too much time as a kid/teenager being insecure about my height, but I got to a point where I finally started to realize what a blessing it was." —Andy of Style Scrapbook

    10. Even if it's supposedly "too short."

    Foreign, Fresh, Fierce

    “Being a stiletto in a room full of flats does not stop me from being confident in wearing pants that may be a bit too short, or a long-sleeved top that may not go to my wrists. Designers have made fashion trends from our #tallgirlsituations — they're called cropped pants and three-quarter sleeves!” —Cindy of Foreign, Fresh, Fierce

    11. No — especially if it's too short.

    Theresa on the Town

    "Cuff, scrunch, or simply folder your sleeves to not only disguise that they're too short, but also to add a cool element to your look." —Sabrina of Theresa on the Town

    12. Because actually, when you think about it... the shorter, the better.

    Tall n Natural

    "Never skip an opportunity to accentuate your best assets — those long legs." —Rajahnique of Tall n Natural

    13. And remember: Whatever trends you try, confidence is key.

    My View In Heels

    "Hold your head high, throw your shoulders back, and embrace your height as a tall girl!" —Jaclyn of My View In Heels