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    19 Very Hairy Things Girls Go Through In The Summertime

    *Shaves pits, has stubble a hour later*

    1. It's summer, baby! Long pants are officially off the table.

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    2. And once again you're facing the tank top dilemma: to shave your back or not to shave your back.

    3. But at least your new sandals are the perfect frame for your toe hair.


    Oh, come on. It's kind of cute. You could braid it.

    4. You're not self conscious about bikinis because of your shape... just your happy trail.

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    5. And shaving your bikini line is a recipe for disaster.

    6. Anytime you emerge from a body of water, your eyebrows look like goddamn face spiders.

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    7. Booty call from that cutie you met at the beach? You're gonna need, like, two hours of shaving time first.

    (There is no such thing as impromptu summer lovin'.)

    8. And even then, you always miss one spot.

    9. And your family/roommates are in for a shock next time they step in the shower.

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    10. But the truth is, the stubble's back in a few hours anyway.

    11. I mean sure, you could get a more permanent solution like electrolysis... but you'd have to let the hair get long enough first.

    Chuck E. Cheese

    12. You can't tell if that feeling on your skin is a mosquito... or that one hair growing out of your freckle that JUST WON'T DIE.


    13. You had better not need a band-aid for any reason, because pulling it back off with all that hair will hurt more than any injury.


    14. A peaceful day in the park can be ruined by a rogue chin hair.

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    15. And an appointment to wax one thing can snowball pretty quickly.

    16. So okay! You got your mustache waxed, but now your upper lip sweat has nowhere to go.

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    17. And since your skin is all raw and shit, you can't go in the sun right away.

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    18. But then again, with locks this bountiful, nobody looks more like a mermaid after a day in the ocean.

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    19. So just do your thing, hair or no hair — because you'll be totally fabulous either way.

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