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    This Menstrual Pad Commercial Manages To Both Fat-Shame And Period-Shame Women

    How incredibly efficient.

    Earlier this week, Australian company Unicharm released the following "Ugh Moments" commercial for their menstrual products brand, Sofy BeFresh.

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    The premise involves a woman realizing the appearance of her "ugh" alter ego means her period is on its way.

    What makes this alter ego worthy of the "ugh" title? She's several sizes bigger than her normal, non-menstruating counterpart, and has a bad attitude.

    Throughout the commercial, this "ugh" version of a normally sweet and thin woman grows into a veritable rage machine.

    And in addition to playing on the stereotypes of larger people constantly eating and being lazy...

    ... the commercial also explores the offensive trope of a woman's inability to exercise rational thinking while on her period.


    And then tries to attack the thin, "good" version of herself, of course.

    Unsurprisingly, social media users aren't thrilled about the whole thing.

    Periods are disgusting just like larger women. #SofyBeFresh

    I will never buy #sofybefresh and I encourage you all to do the same. Why support a company which uses fat shaming to market it's product?

    Newsflash: When you vilify your target customer, this is the reaction you can expect.

    BuzzFeed Life has reached out to both Unicharm and creative agency J. Walter Thompson, whose Melbourne branch conceptualized the campaign, for comment.