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19 Pairs Of Sisters Whose Style You'll Want To Steal

Because two closets are better than one.

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1. Corianna & Brianna Dotson / Via Jasmine Durhal for Sheila Rashid

Sure, Corianna ("Coco") and Brianna ("Breezy") design a killer fashion line of the same name — but you'd be remiss not to check out the Minnesota-raised twins' personal style, too. Do you know anyone else who rocks mirrored glasses, septum rings, and all manner of headwear like that?


8. Nicole & Rachel Effendy

"Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of, well, anything but pink," the NYC-based sisters say on their blog, Rachel et Nicole. "Nicole is a Gemini while Rachel is [a] Unicorn."

And it's true; their style is certainly tough to pin down. But damn, is it a joy to behold.

10. Kenna & Lulu Giauque

Kenna and Lulu may not be as well known as some other stylish sister sets, but with their eponymous blog, they bring a rare vintage aesthetic to the table. Between their retro looks and the humor and accessibility imparted in their posts, they're totally worth a follow.


18. Giorgia & Giulia Tordini

Sisters Giulia, who lives in Milan, and Giorgia, who lives in NYC, both studied and work in fashion, and it shows. Their Instagrams are eye candy for anyone who loves to see what's hot off the runway, as well as anyone wondering where to travel next.