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Theory: Serayah Fixed A "Bitch Stole My Look" Moment Like A Damn Genius

Just when you thought she couldn't get more talented.

If you're watching the VMAs tonight, you probably already know Empire actress Serayah is doing the damn thing in a shredded white ensemble.

And Pitch Perfect 2's Hailee Steinfeld is wearing something similar. Perhaps a little too similar.

So, what are the chances that Serayah and Hailee originally hit the red carpet in the same outfit?

Then Serayah, infinitely brilliant and talented as she is, snuck off to the Staples Center bathroom for a little snip, snip.

Ladybird pulled up her Pinterest app, searched "T-shirt hacks," and went to town shredding that thing.

Girl totally made the best of a tough situation, just like Dawson's Creek actress Meredith Monroe in this 1997 Mentos commercial.

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Kudos, Serayah! Keep slaying the fashion and crafting games.