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    12 Life-Changing Products People Use For Better Sleep

    Drool, snore, repeat.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what helps them get actually restful sleep. Here are the products they recommended:

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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    1. Lavender essential oil for spritzing or self-massage:

    "I mix a few drops of doTERRA lavender essential oil in a spray bottle with water and spray it over my bed sheets and pillow, or give myself a mini hand/foot massage. It works like a charm, except when I accidentally oversleep afterwards!" —Sarah Rooksberry, Facebook

    Get it ($23.10) here.

    2. Cozy PJs to put you in a sleeping mood:

    "Most recently I bought my first pair of matching pajamas (random, I know, but I always just slept in old T-shirts), and that has been awesome! It’s another deliberate way to prepare my mind for bed." —wewereonabreakk

    Grab a set here.

    3. A heating pad to keep your feet warm:

    "I have extremely cold feet that don’t warm up easily in winter, which has kept me up for hours before. But now, I have a heating pad that I put in the microwave, place at the foot of the bed, and boom! Warm cozy feet and easy sleeping." —combatwombat1989

    Find one ($22 and up) here.

    4. A light-blocking sleep mask:

    "My sleep completely changed once I invested $10 in a sleep mask from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I used to wake during the night, and light from electronics and outside the window would make it hard to go back to sleep. But now, since the mask blocks out that light, it's easy for me to go to sleep and stay asleep." —Amy Jones, Facebook

    Grab one ($9.99) here.

    5. Or blackout curtains, to show you really mean it:

    "Since getting them, I've never slept better!" —Mattie Lamont, Facebook

    Get them ($12.99) here.

    6. Earplugs that block out sleep-sabotaging noises:

    "They're especially great if you have a snoring partner. Just make sure someone wakes you when your alarm goes off in the morning, because you won’t hear that either." —wolfgangm42cb8207a

    Grab a pack ($3.89) here.

    7. A totally huggable body pillow:

    "Super comfy and soft bedsheets or pajamas, a supportive pillow (I prefer memory foam), plus a body pillow. The body pillow was a game changer!" —lmaudish

    Get one ($9.99) here.

    8. Or take things up a notch with a Snoogle:

    "This pillow is designed for pregnancy, but I think it’s great for anyone who needs multiple pillows to get comfortable. I can’t sleep without it!" —kaylaw40a5ddf4f

    Pick one up ($64.73) here.

    9. A super-snuggly sheepskin rug:

    "I sleep on them and under them. It’s like you are floating on a cloud — no pressure point pain, it’s warm in winter cool in summer so no more night sweats, and it retains body heat if you need to get up during the night so your space is still snugly warm when you get back. Bliss!" —ShinySparklyChaos

    Find one ($49.99) here.

    10. A noise machine with multiple sound settings:

    "I need some kind of noise. I have trouble sleeping if it's too quiet believe it or not so I used a noise machine and switch between white noise, rainfall, and babbling brook. I would also listen to crickets but hubby can't stand them." —Tammy Lovato Bennett, Facebook

    Pick one up ($19.97) here.

    11. Or simply a loud-enough fan:

    "Sleep with a noisy fan on. It blocks out all other noises. Can’t sleep without it." —s4e3512291

    Pick one up ($38) here.

    12. And finally, a weighted blanket to smush the stress away:

    "I use a weighted blanket that helps me let go of stress that’s keeping me awake. Also either a heated mattress or a heated blanket works wonders!" —jessicaa4bfa1fc8b

    Find one ($139.95) here.

    All right, sleep well!


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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