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    17 Real-World Closet Tips You Can Actually Use

    For until you can make your "Dream Home" Pinterest board a reality.

    Fantasy closets are cool to look at, but unless you're a millionaire/super handy/have a ton of space (or all three), they're not exactly replicable.

    So we scoured Instagram for clothing storage hacks you can actually use, and here are the results:

    1. Get hangers that allow you to spread out, or latch onto each other for a more compact setup.

    2. Or try huggable hangers, which save space and keep your sweaters from slipping.

    3. If your shoes are in their original boxes, stick a photo on the front to more easily find the pair you want.

    4. Not a morning person? Mount a hook just for tomorrow's ensemble, and you won't have to worry in the A.M.

    5. If you have room, you can even set up a whole week's worth of outfits.

    6. Keep your wardrobe staples separate, so that finding them is a breeze...

    7. ... and organize the other stuff by color, so you're done dressing in a snap.

    8. If you have room, separate your colors ahead of laundry day with multiple hampers.

    9. Standard shoe racks are great, but they don't work for all shoes — so try some cheap DIY shelving...

    10. ... or, if you'd prefer a no-mount option, a bookshelf will do just fine.

    11. Roll, don't fold, T-shirts for maximum visibility.

    12. Rolling works great for scarves and ties, too.

    13. (And if shelves aren't an option, use a small box instead.)

    14. To keep your bits and pieces untangled but still easily visible, pick up an acrylic jewelry box...

    15. ... or, hang 'em on a rack like you'd hang your other stuff.

    16. And always — ALWAYS — label...

    17. ... especially if we're talking seasonal storage.

    Now, go dress to impress.