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    26 Questions For Body Shamers

    Feel free to reflect upon these in silence. Your fingers must be so tired.

    1. Why are you so upset that I don't hate my body?

    2. Do you make a habit of incessantly repeating other things people have already heard a million times, too?

    3. Do all the people you love, respect, and admire have the same body type? How central are their looks to you loving them?

    4. Would you write that you really excel at body shaming on your online dating or LinkedIn profile? If so, what positive examples would you give? If not, why do you want to keep it so secret?

    5. Have you ever considered you might one day become fat/skinny/whatever it is you don't like, through genetics or illness or injury or anything else? What will you do and feel if that happens, and if someone body shames you?

    6. Or what if your children have the body type that you're shaming? Do you really want such insecurities imparted upon them, by you or by others?

    7. On a scale of one to 10, how excited are you when you see an opportunity to shame someone online? Can you describe the feeling you get when you press "send"?

    8. Do you also criticize people for any of the following: race, ethnicity, ability/disability, sexuality, gender expression, or economic status?

    9. If not, can you articulate why you believe that's the right choice? How do you feel and react when you see someone else doing it?

    10. Do you say the things you say online to people on the street? If not, why not?

    11. How do you think your parents or other role models would feel if they heard the things you say?

    12. As a matter of fact, how would you feel if I forwarded the tweets and Facebook comments you're sending me to your job?

    13. What do you value about yourself besides your physical attributes? If you made a list of your best qualities, how far up would your appearance rank?

    14. Would you describe yourself as a "good" or "kind" person?

    15. Please complete this sentence according to how you live your life: "Treat other people the way __________."

    16. For those "trying to help" others: how many hours of volunteer work would you say you do per year, and how many hours do you spend criticizing bodies?

    17. And like, what saint said you have a moral obligation to tell me how to live?

    18. I mean honestly, if you care so much about my well-being, why do you think that attacking my self-esteem is the right way to go?

    19. Let's just say you think the way (you imagine) I treat my body is going to kill me. Would you also speak this way to someone who had gotten sick from smoking, or seriously injured from driving fast or playing sports?

    20. How long have you been practicing medicine, anyway?

    21. Why can't you just, like, contain yourself ever and not share your infinite wisdom with the world JUST ONCE?

    22. Have you ever thought of all the cool stuff you could do if you weren't wasting time harassing people who don't want or need your input?

    23. Honestly, why do you even care about my physical being? Do you not have enough else to keep you occupied?

    24. Okay, on a more empathetic note — have you considered it may be your own insecurity or unresolved trauma that makes you so badly want to lash out at people you don't even know?

    25. Think of it this way: Why are you mad at me, and not mad at the people and institutions who've built empires off teaching you certain bodies are "right" or "wrong"?

    26. And do you have any idea how much better life is when you forget about that bullshit?