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26 Questions For Body Shamers

Feel free to reflect upon these in silence. Your fingers must be so tired.

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2. Do you make a habit of incessantly repeating other things people have already heard a million times, too?


5. Have you ever considered you might one day become fat/skinny/whatever it is you don't like, through genetics or illness or injury or anything else? What will you do and feel if that happens, and if someone body shames you?


16. For those "trying to help" others: how many hours of volunteer work would you say you do per year, and how many hours do you spend criticizing bodies?

By the way, Volunteer Match is a great place for finding opportunities to actually leave a positive mark on the world.


19. Let's just say you think the way (you imagine) I treat my body is going to kill me. Would you also speak this way to someone who had gotten sick from smoking, or seriously injured from driving fast or playing sports?


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