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    27 Times Nadia Aboulhosn Was Right About Everything

    Including ice cream twerking, pizza napping, and plenty of thirst for Drake.

    1. In case you don't already know, Nadia Aboulhosn is a killer model, clothing designer, and all around badass girl you'd want to hang out with.

    2. She's not afraid to get weird in a laundry basket.

    3. Plus she's good with kids...

    4. ... and is kind of a meme queen.

    5. She believes in a nutritious diet...

    This is how Charlie looks up at me when he eats the box and I'm standing up

    6. ... and, to that end, is an awfully considerate host.

    7. And she's a consummate professional...

    8. ... who's always on her grind.

    9. Though she has been known to fall asleep at the (endless pizza buffet) dinner table.

    10. In Nadia's world, nowhere is unfit for twerking.

    11. And no time is wrong for video girl hair.

    12. Oppressive catchphrases, on the other hand? She is not here for that.

    13. Because she loves her sisters.

    Shout out to the women who can appreciate another woman, her success, her body, and not shame them. I appreciate you.

    14. Seriously.

    All the women bashing from other women, tellin me I should allow negative opinions, go bash women on your feed. That's what YOUR feed is for

    15. Pants, though? She's not really here for those, either.

    I'm doing a Skype interview and I only wore a nice top. I have no pants on but they can only see from the chest up.

    16. This is not a drill.

    17. Her dreams are your dreams.

    I just wanted to live in a world where Britney and Justin made it.

    18. And her priorities, your priorities.

    Don't tell me to reply, I'm fuckin busy watching the last few episodes of OITNB. Leave me alone.

    19. To be fair, though, her obsession with Drake might not be your obsession with Drake.


    This gon' be you @Drake when you get that call that I'm not single anymore


    I don't have any money because most of my energy is spent tweeting drake instead of working

    22. There's just something about how she's always working the hell out of it in random parking lots...

    25. ... something about how she nurtures connections with other powerful women, like Tess Holliday...

    26. ... and something about how she invokes the good word of Our Lord Trina.

    27. Cheers to the realest, Aboulhosn. Now if only Drake would catch up with the rest of us.