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    23 Recommended Products To Improve Your Summer

    Stay cool, my friends.

    Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what one item has improved their summer the most. Here are their top picks:

    1. A pop-up tent/picnic blanket

    "Takes five seconds to set up, and it's so easy to clean up too! It makes beach days and going to the park so fun." —tinat4896de9b6

    Get one ($34.59) for yourself here.

    2. A makeup-friendly mini fan

    "No more sweating my makeup off while I’m still applying it!" —e4fe794c60

    Get one ($6.88) here.

    3. A waterproof phone case

    "My LifeProof one is so good for the beach, and the poolside!" —peytonb41a3c72d7

    Find cases to fit several Apple and Samsung models (price varies) here.

    4. Silicone nipple covers

    "Sometimes it's just too hot to bother wearing a bra." —Sydney Riggs, Facebook

    Pick up a pair ($3.95) here.

    5. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads

    "The heat can be dangerous for me by making my MS symptoms act up, so I use Froggs Toggs cooling towels. They cool through evaporation, so they have limits on how cool they can keep you, but it’s an easy and lightweight way to keep cool." —Redtoenails

    Get yourself one ($10.95) here.

    6. A Zero Gravity Chair

    "It's seriously the most comfortable lawn chair I’ve ever sat in." —tonibrookec

    Find them in beige, red, or blue ($49.99) here.

    7. A giant insulated jug

    "Mine is a 64 oz one made by Under Armor. I play competitive golf and it keeps my drink cold the whole four-plus hours in 110° weather." —reynaaurorah

    Pick one up ($24.99) in black or orange here.

    8. Sun-blocking curtains

    "(And air conditioning.)" —jarrahg

    Find a pair (price varies) here.

    9. A fabulous folding fan

    "Best purchase ever! Perfect for outdoor events where an electric fan might be gauche." —laurenk47780015e

    Get this cutie pie ($10.98) here.

    10. A shaved ice maker

    "When it’s above 90°, I use it every day." —zachp431dd3bfb

    Get ready for homemade margaritas, and snag yourself one ($32.99) here.

    11. An inexpensive film camera

    "My Holga 135 is super light and easy to carry around. Instead of having hundreds of crap pictures on my phone that I’m never really going to look at again, I just have the people and moments I’m really going to want to remember." —Terpsikhore

    Pick one up in black, yellow, red, orange, or purple ($43.99–69.95) here.

    12. A hydration backpack

    "I bring it everywhere with me, and I always have water on hand, especially when it’s hot outside. Plus it can store everything else a backpack can!" —lokees

    Pick one up in blue, green, or black ($24.98) here.

    13. A portable phone charger

    "When you’re outside and your phone needs to be on a high brightness setting, your phone battery dies a lot faster, so a portable phone charger is a lifesaver if you’re hiking and get slightly misplaced in the woods!" —jillannc

    Grab one ($7.99) in gray, purple, blue, or green here.

    14. A UV-blocking hat

    "I spend a lot of time at the beach, and while I have always been careful about sunscreen, sweating has often caused me to burn along my hairline. But my UPF 50 sun hat shades my face, shoulders, and chest, making it so much easier to spend time in the sun without the damage." —LizLemonJr

    Find one in a style you like (price varies) here.

    15. Reusable ice cubes

    "I don’t use them for poolside drinks; I hold one between my thighs while stuck in traffic in triple-digit heat, or wrap one in a towel and take it to bed on hot nights." —Pugtato

    Grab a pack of 30 ($3.99) here.

    16. Chaco sandals

    "They are made with a ton of arch support, so they’re really good for your feet and have rubber grips, so your feet won’t slip, even if they are sweaty!" —jordanarmstrongd

    Find a style that works for you (price varies) here.

    17. A pretty parasol

    "Not only does it keep off the scorching sun, but it makes me feel like every walk is a leisurely stroll before teatime, or something." —Lynne Carpenter, Facebook

    Get one ($6.75) here.

    18. A phone-mounted fan

    "Best product by far was buying a fan that plugs into your iPhone. It’s small and you can just stick it in your purse. It uses barely any of your phone battery and it’s the absolute best purchase for less than $10." —lizs46ab39de6

    Get a mini-USB one ($2.13) for iPhones and Androids here.

    19. Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses

    "While these glasses are expensive, they provide the perfect amount of shade from the sun that makes being outside bearable during these hot and bright months. They protect my eyes AND look super stylish at the same time!" —emilyc4adbe4e03

    Find a style that fits you (price varies) here.

    20. A portable speaker

    "Mini Bluetooth speaker!" —jenniferh462c1e853

    Grab one in black, gray, red, blue, or purple ($24.99) here.

    21. Frozen sponges

    "They don't get as cold as some ice packs, but they're reusable and soak up most of the melting water and let some off through evaporation, which feels nice on the back of your neck on really hot days." —Katherine Haché, Facebook

    Get a pack ($2.09) here, and learn more here.

    22. A portable DVD player

    "It has saved my summer road trips!" —devi2007

    Grab one ($85.99) here.

    23. Crocs (really!)

    "My sexi flip Crocs (yes, sexi with an 'i' and also yes, Crocs) are the best investment I’ve ever made. These shoes are so damn comfortable, your feet will feel free as a bumblebee!" —margotloyer

    Get some in black, green, blue, pink, or beige ($17.99 - 29.99) here.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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