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    21 Gorgeous Drinking Accessories To Get You Elegantly Wasted

    All intoxicatingly adorable, and all under $25.

    2. Flask Bracelet, $19.99

    The most fashionable way to carry booze on your person. In white or teal, and on sale from $35.

    3. Two Tumbleweeds Mixology Dice, $24

    This set of dice uses categories like spirit, herb, fruit, and sugar type to help you learn new cocktails, so you'll not only be a great party host, but a killer bartender too.

    4. West Elm Recycled Wine Glasses, $19.99-24.99

    Set of four 12 or 16 oz glasses, all available in olive, cobalt, or clear.

    5. Umbra Geo Wine Charms, $12.83

    This set of six charms designed to hang on the rim of your glass will ensure you never have to ask if that's your wine or your friend-who-might-be-coming-down-with-something's ever again.

    7. Louise Machado Geometric Love Coasters, $17.99

    Set of four. Originally $33.99

    8. Brighton Exchange Faceted Bottle Stopper, $22

    Just in case you don't finish it all in one sitting.

    9. Ekke Soapstone Shot Glasses, $22.98

    Set of four. On sale from $39.99.

    10. West Elm Small Decanter, $19

    Alcohol + a prettier container than its bottle to put it in = adulting. Right?

    11. IceDrops Ceramic X & O Whiskey Stones, $15.56

    Set of six. For when you want your drink cold, but not watered down by actual ice.

    12. Geo Wood Corkscrew, $18

    13. Oenophilia Circa Foil Cutter, $8.99

    Being fancy means both drinking non-screwtop wine, and keeping your manicure intact. Fake fancy with this little label-cutting critter, which you'll constantly giggle at in your head for its resemblance to Pac Man.

    14. Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Rocks Glasses, $19.99

    Set of four.

    15. LOGlass Contrast Swizzle Sticks, $20

    Set of 10, available in blue or green. For swizzling—or mixing, whichever you prefer.

    16. Birch Brothers 6 oz Flask, $9

    Originally $50. Now priced to help you get your inner Ron Swanson on.

    17. Canvas Home Carafe with Tumbler, $18

    One glass included, because who needs drinking buddies?

    18. Old Fashioned Stoneware Growler, $19.99

    Fill this retro chic jug with home brew, or whatever's good on tap.

    19. Ikea Skoja Glass, $1.49

    In blue here and purple here.

    20. Dot & Bo Oak Coasters, $23.99

    Set of 7. Originally $28.

    21. Dip Dye Napkins, $23.78

    Set of four, available in red, yellow, aqua, and navy. Order away, 'cause things are about to get messy.