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Ashley Nell Tipton Is The First "Project Runway" Winner To Win With A Plus-Size Collection

The 24-year-old proves that fashion designers can make great clothes for women size 14 and up.

This is Ashley Nell Tipton. If you don't already know, she's the first plus-size fashion designer to ever appear on Project Runway.

In last night's finale, the 24-year-old (that's right, 24-year-old) won Season 14. Which isn't a surprise, if you saw the designs that were suspected to be hers during New York Fashion Week.

Growing up, Tipton couldn't find clothing she liked in her size — so she started designing and making clothes with the help of her grandmother, who taught her how to sew. She applied to be on Project Runway after her grandmother's death.

But she had a notoriously rocky time on the show, most notably during a group challenge when, despite having won multiple previous challenges, she was picked last to collaborate with fellow designers.

But last night, her romantic designs inspired by 1950s-era Mexico City proved that the show should probably consider casting more talent that designs for women size 14 and up.

And that other designers can stop hiding behind their totally mediocre clothes for plus-size women — or lack of plus collections at all.

“I’m trying to put plus-size on the map,” Tipton recently told BuzzFeed News. “We can be fashion-forward.”

Damn, "edgy" plus brands, that sounds like a challenge.

And really, shouldn't we all aspire to put this much fierceness into the world?

Go ahead, Ashley!