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    19 Fabulous Hacks To Make Your Shoes Look And Fit Perfectly Every Time

    Buy, adjust, and customize your way to Shoe-vana.

    Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

    Before you buy...

    1. Learn the different terms for the shoes you want, so you'll always know what to search or ask for.

    Charts via Enérie.

    2. Know your conversions.

    Sizes vary slightly by brand, but this handy printable chart will keep you informed about international sizes as well as men's vs women's sizes — which often come in handy when looking for sneakers on the cheap.

    3. If you're going shoe shopping IRL, do it in the evening.

    Maria Morri / Via Flickr: idhren

    That's when feet are at their biggest, so you'll have the best chance of avoiding the pinch.

    To get that bespoke fit...

    4. Make your own shoe stretching serum for too-tight feet and calves.

    It works for leather boots and other shoes alike, and all you need is water and rubbing alcohol. Learn more here.

    5. Or, simply stretch your shoes in the freezer.

    6. Alternatively, use heat to your advantage.

    Fluffy socks and a blow dryer or microwave will get you started.

    7. On the other hand, if your shoes are too big, you're gonna need some padding.

    Fill in the gaps with Dr. Scholl's Rub Relief Strips ($9.49), or inserts like Foot Petals Sexy Soles ($23.95), which can be cut to size.

    And, to protect your investment...

    8. Waterproof. Seriously.

    Matt Anderson / Via Flickr: mattcameasarat

    Because the day you get brave enough to wear your new favorites out of the house is the day a hurricane unexpectedly hits. Grab some protector spray ($11.20) here.

    9. Lengthen your soles' life with a pair of protectors.

    They're not just for Loubous, either. Available in clear, black, and red here.

    10. Heel caps can be your temporary hero.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    When you can't make it to the cobbler, Quick Tips ($12.99) will protect your favorite pair.

    11. Shoe Goo is your friend.

    We've all had that tragic moment where regular glue doesn't put our beloved shoes back together. Enter Shoe Goo ($6.11), designed specifically for the purpose of keeping footwear lovers happy.

    12. Don't underestimate a good shining or scrubbing.

    And new laces, if applicable. They'll keep you looking good during your next round of shoe shopping, at least.

    And now for the fun stuff — customizing!

    13. If you hate lacing up every day, there's a hack for that.

    Sure, it was designed for a child... but you're young at heart, right?

    14. For fabric shoes, re-covering is an option (sewing skills not necessary).

    Wedge tutorial here, and sneakers here.

    15. Or, if they're not quite the right color leather, you can dye 'em.

    Here's how. Works for suede, too.

    16. Give your canvas shoes new life with studs.

    It might be harder to get through airport security, but otherwise, totally worth it. Get the details here.

    17. Or, add DIY fringe for some vintage charm.

    Instructions here.

    18. Use inexpensive necklaces to make your heels all dangly and dreamy.

    Just avoid close contact with cats. Fully translatable tutorial here.

    19. And finally, two words: Glitter. Heels.

    I mean, come on. Here's how to do it.

    Happy wearing!

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