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    Don't Just Grab Someone And Kiss Them On New Year's Eve

    Champagne in your mouth > some weirdo's tongue.

    So, the moment has come that we've all been waiting for: the end of 2016.

    "Good riddance," you may be thinking, "It truly has been a literal dumpster fire of a year!"

    You don't have to kiss anyone on New Year's Eve. Seriously, don't just kiss any fellow partygoer to kiss somebody.

    But think of it this way: Do you want to celebrate the new year by tonguing the food membrane of your friend's cousin, who wears a Monster energy drink hat and responds to nearly everything with "That's what she said"?

    Besides, you know it's flu season, right?

    And even if a literal virus doesn't find a way to cling to you, that rando just might.

    Overall, you can do better than Frenching someone you don't know to ring in the new year.

    Bye, 2016.