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17 Pretty Weed Things For People Who Love Pinterest And Pot

Even on 4/20, we gotta stay cute.

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10. The album where Rihanna's straight-up blazing on the cover.

Island Def Jam

RiRi is one of the most gloriously public lady stoners out there, and your girl is going to need a soundtrack. Get it here.


13. A book so she can bake and be baked.

Sweet Mary Jane by Karin Lazarus ($19.42) is a great option for anyone who just can't binge-watch enough Cupcake Wars while half asleep on the couch. Get your sugar high here.

17. Jewelry that says, "I would answer your question but I'm too busy marveling at how good this breeze feels right now, isn't nature incredible? What's your favorite flower? Mine is a peony. Pee-oh-nee. What a word!"

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