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    17 Pretty Weed Things For People Who Love Pinterest And Pot

    Even on 4/20, we gotta stay cute.

    1. Rolling papers that double as blotting papers.

    2. This stash jar and grinder with a flowery flourish.

    3. Gold nail decals for the perfect marijuanicure.

    4. A pastel pipe for puffing.

    5. This lovely lipstick lighter.

    6. A fancy candle to help her light it up proper.

    7. A clutch that hides the smell of her supply.

    8. A dugout that would fit flawlessly into her Pinterest board.

    9. A travel mug that knows her priorities.

    10. The album where Rihanna's straight-up blazing on the cover.

    11. A bath bomb to help her puff-puff-pamper herself.

    12. A T-shirt that really gets her.

    13. A book so she can bake and be baked.

    14. This pretty ombré pillow.

    15. This hemp-infused body lotion.

    16. These thigh ~high~ socks.

    For keeping warm while she burns. Get them here.

    17. Jewelry that says, "I would answer your question but I'm too busy marveling at how good this breeze feels right now, isn't nature incredible? What's your favorite flower? Mine is a peony. Pee-oh-nee. What a word!"

    Keep calm and smoke on, cutie-pies.