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23 People Share Their Most Horrifying Beauty Moments

Featuring mustache-shaped scabs, stuck-together buttcheeks, and more.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most horrific beauty-related moments. Here are the results.

1. The girl who made herself a total tight-ass:

"While trying to give myself a bikini wax, I simultaneously burnt my skin and got my buttcheeks stuck together." Submitted by hollieb400d545da

2. The one who really got that "polished" look:

"I tried to give myself bangs when I was 11 and ended up cutting them way too short, so I just decided to shave them. I then tried to fill my bald spot in with shoe polish, but ultimately ended up wearing a side part during the entire seventh grade." Submitted by Laura Coyt Zavala, Facebook

3. And the one who was simply too hot:

"Freshman year of high school, I'd heard that you could straighten your hair while wet. In actuality, I burnt my long hair so badly that I had to get a bob. Be careful with your irons, ladies." Submitted by ellynmargarets

4. The peeling promgoer:

"Two days before prom, I got a spray tan and used a Tan Towel, too. On the day of the dance, we were all posing for pictures when I looked down and saw a ton of tiny blisters. I had gotten sun poisoning from being in the sun too long! By the time we were done with photos, a section of skin about the size of a piece of paper had peeled off my chest — and of course, since I had applied so much fake tan, it was paper-white, too." Submitted by kgana

5. The one who got rid of her hair...and her skin:

"I waxed my upper lip and tried to calm it with Neosporin, which it turns out I'm allergic to. I got a rash followed by a hard, crusty, red mustache-shaped scab for like three weeks. You can't put makeup on something that texture. It was awful." Submitted by Alexthegirl

6. The terrifying toenail:

7. Ol' dairy hair:

"One of those awesome Teen People beauty tips said putting milk in your hair would make it straight, so I did that...into dry hair...without any research...on school photo day. I smelled so bad all day and had to play it off like it wasn't me." Submitted by Allison Wylie, Facebook

8. The "more is more" approach:

"Freshman year of high school, I used greasy stage foundation because the drug store didn't carry anything for my skin tone. I also had unblended blush, unblended concealer on my zits, and the whole thing topped off with bold red-orange eyeshadow (not blended at all, naturally) from my lash line all the way up to the brows. Stings just thinking about it." Submitted by Jess Vest, Facebook

9. The one who got seriously swole:

"I had a job interview and had just bought a new concealer, so I slapped it on and ran out the door. Half an hour later, it started itching, and then burning. By the time I got to my interview my eyes were so swollen it wasn't funny. I ended up getting the job, though!" Submitted by pinkrobin

10. The nervy curler:

"I was curling my eyelashes when my cat brushed against my leg, startling me so badly I jumped and ripped all of my eyelashes off! In the six weeks it took for them to start looking normal again, I got really skilled with fake lashes." Submitted by Belou Belle, Facebook

11. The too-aggressive tweezer:

12. And this girl who went totally bananas:

"I read that bananas made for a good hair mask, so I mashed some up and glooped the mixture onto my hair; but when it was time to wash, the hot water turned the banana a weird plastic consistency. My hair was one massive fused-together lump, and it took about five tearful hours to pry it apart and get the banana out." Submitted by jof4fc6c753e

13. The unlucky liner:

"I was lining the inner rim of my upper eyelid, really getting in there, when I got a huge wood sliver from the pencil inside my eyelid. It scratched my cornea, and I had to have my eyelid turned inside out at the ER to get it out. It's been automatic eye pencils for me ever since." Submitted by joanredwing

14. 50 shades of beige:

"When I was 13, I thought I looked SO good with brown eyeliner outlining my lips and foundation/concealer in the center. I was thinking I looked hot, but to everyone else I looked like a little kid who had been eating chocolate bars." Submitted by LPretty

15. This total fuzz-up:

"I wax pretty much my whole face, and a couple winters ago, I decided to try it at a new salon. I spent the rest of the afternoon post-appointment running errands bundled in a black scarf. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and saw black fuzz all over my chin and cheeks — turns out the waxer didn't properly clean me off, causing the fuzz from my scarf to stick to my face. I had spent my day interacting with strangers who probably thought I had a very splotchy five o'clock shadow." Submitted by amandacarreiro

16. The worried wax job:

"My normal eyebrow lady was busy, so I let the new girl do them. Big mistake. One of my eyebrows was very obviously higher than the other, and I spent the next few weeks looking like I was constantly slightly confused and/or suspicious." Submitted by ihatecullen

17. And the confuddled contourer:

"Having watched several tutorials on YouTube, I finally decided to try face contouring, and only realized how orange I looked in the parking lot at church. I ended up washing my face with SNOW before I went in to wash my face in the bathroom. It was that bad." Submitted by a46d6dc72f

18. The one who got her hair a little too clean:

"I knew I'd have to lighten my super-dark brown hair to get cool color, so I grabbed bleach from the laundry room and a packet of red Kool-Aid. I poured straight bleach into a cup, and put about a two-inch-wide section of hair in as close to my scalp as possible. Five minutes later, a clump of my hair was in the cup, and I had a little poof where it had burnt off. I asked people with brightly colored hair how they did it after that, and it turns out there's a thing called HAIR bleach!" Submitted by samantham49

19. Wrap queen:

"In third grade, I had a hair wrap that I needed to take out before school, and my dad was the only one home to help me get it out. He handed me the hair wrap, still intact, with my hair inside of it. I had an awkward stub of hair on the top of my head for months." Submitted by karlyc

20. The rainbow of regrets:

21. The girl who was GLOWING:

"I got a mini-makeover at Sephora and my makeup artist did an amazing job. Of course I wanted to show off my new face by going out that night, but upon walking onto the dance floor, I noticed that the palms of my hands were glowing — and came to find that I had glow-in-the-dark markings on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. I remember my makeup artist telling me that one of the products was meant to brighten up my face and give it a glow, and I guess she wasn't lying." Submitted by kannikac

22. The sticky supper:

"I glued BOTH my eyes shut while putting my eyelashes on, making me and my boyfriend super late to a fancy dinner with his parents. Thank goodness they found it so funny!" Submitted by sarar4cf194305

23. Dark-brow denial:

"I was the ahead of the game with my eyebrow-filling technique — too bad I used black eyeliner with my light brown hair. My mother tried to tell me what was up, but I just thought she was being a hater." Submitted by lemama

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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