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    19 Investment-Worthy Pairs Of Jeans Under $100

    Spend a 60 bucks; look like a million.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to recommend their favorite denim brands between roughly $50 and $100. Here's what they had to say:

    1. American Eagle

    "I’ve been wearing their jeans almost exclusively for 10 years. They last for years, come in tons of styles and washes, and regularly go on sale. They also never lose their shape, despite how stretchy they are." —quinlantaylor04

    Sizes 00 to 18. Get the distressed jeans ($59.95) here, and the grey pair ($49.95) here.

    2. BKE by Buckle

    "They are the longest-lasting jeans I’ve ever owned. I had two pairs that lasted three years before they wore holes in the thighs and I had to throw them away." —malloryh4a943d750

    Sizes 22" to 36". Get the skinnies here and the flares here, both $69.95.

    3. Gap

    "They come in all sorts of styles and washes. In particular, I like their stretch skinny jeans. They also come in different lengths, which is great for tall girls like me." —samanthae4ef54d0a6

    Sizes 00 to 20. Get the black jeans ($69.95) here, and the blue pair ($69.95) here.

    4. Torrid

    "I spring for the 'premium' jeans because they are more stylish and hold up longer. However, the normal jeans last a good while and don’t rip due to big thighs." —anna1111

    Sizes 10 to 30. Get the standard skinnies ($74.50) here, and the distressed pair ($78.50) here.

    5. Ann Taylor

    "I’ve had the same eight pairs of their jeans for nearly seven years, and they are all still in great condition. Highly recommend checking out Loft as well if you’re looking for an even lower price!" —emilyr4bc461716

    Sizes 00 to 18. Get the peach pair here, and the flares here, both $89.

    6. Blank NYC

    "They have so many types, from classic blue denim to trendy coated crop jeans for a nicer occasion. They aren’t exactly cheap, but you definitely get a quality jean that will last a long time. I swear by them." —gailinl

    Sizes 24 to 31. Get the frayed hem jeans ($98) here, and the blue jeans ($88) here.

    7. Abercrombie & Fitch

    "They hold up well, with great washes and fits; the high rise skinny is my fave. They have BOGO sales, and average prices are $60–$70." —jaymeg4074c40d6

    Sizes 23" to 32". Get the blue jeans here and the white crops here, both $78.

    8. Kut from the Kloth

    "They have regular, long, and petite length, and are super comfy! I own a couple pairs and love them; they are totally worth the price." —meghanmarieb

    Sizes 0 to 16. Get the relaxed fit jeans ($89) here, and the white pair ($84) here.

    9. Guess

    "I'm 5'4" and very thin. Finding jeans that are longer in the leg and small in the hip is tough. Guess jeans fit me like a glove, are well-made, and last for years." —Megan Reilly, Facebook

    Sizes 23" to 32". Get the black pair here and the blue pair here, both $98.

    10. Dstld

    "I bought a pair of their raw denim jeans, and they immediately became a favorite of mine — I like them better than a $255 pair that I have." —itsnitsuj

    Sizes 24" to 32". Get the blue jeans here and the black ones here, both $85.

    11. Genius Fit Jeans by Lane Bryant

    "I’m 'rectangular' where body shape is concerned (plus-size athletic; from head on, no defining curves). I struggled for a long time to find jeans that fit both my waist and hip/thigh area, and when I finally sprung for a pair, OMG. Never looked back." —briannanaslund

    Sizes 14 to 32. Get the flares ($59.95) here, and the skinnies ($69.95) here.

    12. Topshop

    "Their skinny jeans never sag, and they have a bunch of different washes and styles. They're also super flattering on different body types!" —melonade93

    Sizes 24" to 36". Get the embroidered pair ($110) here, and the black ones ($80) here.

    13. Madewell

    "They're great for tall girls because they come in tall and extra tall. At $100–$120ish, they're at the high end of the middle, but worth every penny." —annap49233d509

    Sizes 23" to 32". Get the black jeans ($128) here, and the blue pair ($98) here.

    14. Butter Denim by Avenue

    "They’re so soft and comfy, and I love how it’s not a typical jean fabric, so I can wear them to work on a non-casual day and still look dressed up." —tiffc3

    Sizes 14 to 32. Get the blue jeans here and the teal pair here, both $60.

    15. Mango

    "If you’re looking for cotton-rich denim, this isn’t the place, but they do a nice line of stretch jeans. An ex-girlfriend stole a pair of Mango jeans from me when we broke up, but I don’t really blame her; they were excellent jeans." —study

    Sizes 1 to 22 (plus sizes at Mango's sister brand, Violeta). Get the black pair ($99.99) here, and the blue pair ($49.99) here.

    16. Express

    "They have a great range of sizes for short, tall and everyone in between, and they are so comfy. I have a size two friend who wears them and looks great, and I am a size 16 tall, and they look great on me too! They often have specials if you subscribe to their emails where you can get the jeans for 40% off." —victoriaw4b727f786

    Sizes 00 to 18. Get the bootcut jeans ($79.90) here, and the lace-ups ($88) here.

    17. Levi's

    "I’m a woman with some pretty decent-sized thighs, and these hold up. I used to have to buy jeans every few months, now I can go about a year (sometimes two!) before needing to get another pair." —carlyg47cd4d0f3

    Sizes 00 to 26W. Get the slouch jeans ($49.90) here, and the skinnies ($50) here.

    18. White House Black Market

    "After buying a few pairs of their jeans, I actually got rid of all my previous favorites. They have a little spandex, which makes their shape perfect for you. They even offer petites and curvy online with free shipping!" —katherinec4d1475523

    Sizes 00 to 16. Get the cropped jeans ($99) here, and the flares ($89) here.

    19. J. Crew

    "Their sizing system enables me to get just the right waist-to-leg ratio, and they always fit me just right. Last forever, too." —Lucy Welles

    Sizes 000 to 16. Get the crops ($98) here, and the distressed jeans ($125) here.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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