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7 Yule Log Cakes That Literally Look Like Shit


1. This textural turd.

ErikaHoman / Via Twitter: @ErikaHoman

2. This lactose intolerant's log.

SARAHtonin_FREY / Via Twitter: @SARAHtonin_FREY

3. This post-Indian-food-style puddle.

cbirdz / Via

4. This exceptionally soft shart.

11Freckles / Via Twitter: @11Freckles

5. This fiber-lacking affront to cakes (and poops) everywhere.

courtsmbx / Via Twitter: @courtsmbx

6. This dark tale.

sakamveet / Via Twitter: @sakamveet

7. And finally, this great reason to finally schedule that doctor's visit you've been putting off.

dipaolamomma / Via

Enjoy your Christmas dinner!

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