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    23 Incredibly Lazy Things People Have Actually Paid For

    "My brother once paid me to change the channel of the TV. He was holding the remote."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the laziest thing they've ever paid or been paid for. Here are the results.

    1. Sticks of sloth:

    "I wanted mozzarella sticks while driving around with my friend, but when we got to the place, we didn't feel like going in. We called for delivery and when they asked where to, we told them we were in the parking lot and to look out the window, and we flashed the headlights. We did tip the delivery person who came out." —gaslight

    2. The Uber-underachiever:

    "My friend once called an Uber to take us half a block to where his car was parked because we were too lazy to walk." —Kendra Pittman, Facebook

    3. The best argument for siblings:

    "My brother once paid me to change the channel of the TV. He was holding the remote." —chloem4350bba95

    4. Then again, there's this option:

    "The remote was about a foot out of reach, so I downloaded an app on my phone for $3 to change the channel." —christinip2

    5. The long arm of the lazy:

    "My husband and I bought a big back scratcher ... to turn the light on and off behind the couch. And now, we're looking into a 'clap on/clap off' solution to replace the back scratcher." —Krystal Adams, Facebook

    6. And this one:

    "I bought one of those litter picking stick things for the elderly. I use it to feed my guinea pigs without getting out of bed." —chloeb4f3d7054a

    7. Absurdist accounting:

    "My roommate, the CPA, has paid me to do his taxes the past five years." —Dwolfgang02

    8. The beauty queen:

    "I once couldn't be bothered to wash my hair in the morning before class, so between periods I went to the hair dressers and paid for a hair wash and blow dry. I pretended my boiler broke so they wouldn't judge me." —gabis42fe7cedb

    9. The most expensive soda of all time:

    "I was hungover in bed, and my go-to cure is Sprite. Minimum delivery by me is $15, so I ordered $15 worth of Sprite from a local pizza place. I added in the notes that I'd tip the guy an extra $20 if he walked in and brought it into my bedroom. He did." —JackeeBailey

    10. The perks of having rich friends:

    "My best friend once paid me to take her shoes off while she was drunk. I was in the kitchen and found her collapsed on the floor, waving a wad of bills in my face. It was the easiest £50 I've ever made." —namuunb

    11. The sleepy cinephile:

    "Once, I was lying in bed and wanted to watch this particular movie. But it was all the way downstairs, so I spent $14 to buy it on iTunes instead of getting out of bed." —Georgia Pantech, Facebook

    12. The rent-free roomie:

    "I had two roommates. In exchange for rent, I did their laundry once a week. I really had a great deal going!" —j470814269

    13. What a load:

    "My roommate paid a laundry service $50 to come and get her laundry and do it for her. We have free laundry down the hall." —spencerc49dbb5c42

    14. OK, this is actually kind of genius:

    "I used to live above a corner shop, and I got friendly with the staff. If I needed something but couldn't be bothered to go in, I'd call them, then hang a cash-filled basket out of my living room window to make the trade." —beckas4205062d6

    15. Definitely genius:

    "I got my books from Amazon gift-wrapped with a card that said 'You deserve these.' Lazy or genius?" —emilyk4f28838c0

    16. The sluggish shopper:

    "I ran out of clean clothing in college, but instead of doing laundry, I purchased a bunch of new clothes online had them delivered to my dorm." —Kat Smith, Facebook

    17. The pizza payoff:

    "My brother owed me over £400. One day I really wanted pizza so I wiped his debt in exchange for him getting me the pizza. I still think it was worth it." —bmcmullan

    18. The cold caffeinator:

    "On a really cold day in the city, I had a friend pay me to carry her coffee and give her sips of it so her hands didn't get cold." —emmadewil

    19. Hey, it's cheaper than buying an actual dishwasher:

    "In college, my roommates and I refused to do our dishes until they were piled up so high that you couldn't turn on the faucet and we were eating cereal with measuring spoons. Luckily, our next door neighbor agreed to wash them for $15." —lrsm17

    20. And then there's this guy:

    "My uncle subscribes to paper plate delivery on Amazon. Paper. Plates." —Courtdawggg

    21. Strawberry shortsighted:

    "One night while staying in a hostel, I made strawberry shortcake desserts from angel food cake, cut up strawberries, and whipped cream. Some other lodger wanted one, so he paid me $100 for a dessert that cost a 50 cents to make." —nicoleb41059fb99

    22. PB and JFC:

    "Pre-made peanut butter and jelly slices. All wrapped up like American cheese. No regrets." —kndrz91

    23. And finally, the champion:

    "I bought a onesie with a flap in the back to make it easier to go to the bathroom. It's literally called a Forever Lazy." —KyMcFly

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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