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15 Of The Best Ways To Actually Dress Your Body Type

A comprehensive guide to looking your tastiest.

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

As delectable as pizza, but a little more mysterious. You're like one of those trench-coat-and-lingerie-wearing movie tropes, where the good stuff is just beneath the surface.


Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Unless you're comfortable baring all, layers will be key for you. Try an Oxford shirt and cardigan over your tank top, or long johns under your jeans. Also, several pairs of underpants.



Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Are you an unfinished onion bagel? A slightly depressed onion roll? A savory Danish? Sometimes it's less about knowing what to wear, and more about figuring out who you are.


Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

For the people who pronounce your name with a "W" and without a "T," a striped top and beret. For the people who pronounce you like they're actually from Connecticut, ham and cheese is fine.

*These are the most common facts about bodies. You just keep doing your thing.