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15 Valentine's Day Gifts For People Who Love The "Making A Murderer" Attorneys

If you can't have the real Dean or Jerry, I guess these are the next best thing.

1. Carlcharlbury "Bae" Tees, $33.99

In 12 totally trustworthy colors. Grab a Dean one here, or a Jerry version here.

3. ObviousMoth "I Dream of Dean" Mug, $15

Also available on a shirt or tote, or you could simply drink him all up here.

4. Colombeat "Strang & Buting" Tee, $24.80

Better than Rizzoli and Isles, and available in 18 colors. Buy it here.

5. PlanetGiggles Dean Strang Painting, $29.11

Eight inches by ten inches of honesty and goodness. Buy it here.

Get a Jerry shirt in one of six colors here, or a Dean version here.

7. "MaM Baes" Sticker, $4.29+

Grab yourself one, or buy a whole justice-filled pack of them, here.

9. Kodiak Milly "Wisconsin Justice League" Print, $20.80+

Also available as a tote bag, shower curtain, or DU-FUCKING-VET COVER if you really want to get the boys in your bed. Buy it here.

10. Garudoh "Attorneys of My Heart" Baseball Tee, $28.64

In 18 years' worth of colors and styles. Get it here.

12. Carlcharbury "Buting/Strang 2016" Tee, $31.99

Available here in 15 colors, though camo adds a little extra Avery flavor. Flavery, if you will.

13. StrangStrong Heart Sticker, $4

Buy it here.

14. Tees by Bee "Squad Goals" Shirt, $18

In 22 colors — one for every kiss you wish you could give Dean and Jerry. Buy it here.

15. KookyCool "Team Justice" Mug, $15

Also available as a travel mug, so you never have to leave doing what's right behind. Buy it here.


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