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33 Moments Serious Thrifters Know All Too Well

Secondhand, not second choice.

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3. When, "At $3.99 a shirt," you think, "why not get 47 of them?"

Oh, that's right. I remember now.

5. When you begin to question your identity a little.

Confession: I have a tshirt from Jeremy's bar mitzvah and I didn't go. Also, who is Jeremy? #thriftproblems

(Just in case you're waiting for a sign, yes, that "#1 DAD" mug is too good to pass up.)


6. When you're on a roll and see more good stuff in the distance, but that one woman in the visor keeps trying to get your opinion on everything...

Just get the damn denim shirt with the Looney Tunes embroidery if you want it; it's your life, ma'am.

9. When this isn't romantic like everyone thinks it is.

Oh no — this is you on minute 20 of trying to find the second Christian Lacroix in the bargain bin, and it is too damn real.


12. Which brings us to: whenever you encounter the evil that is staples.

Flickr: 72006245@N05

Because you can't try on those Hammer pants with them lodged in the waistband, but you know what'll happen if you remove them (and therefore, the price tag).


16. When it's Family Day and none of the items you want are that week's color.

The Notebook / Via

$7.99 once seemed so cheap; now, all the other items marked down to $4 are dust bunny-covered reminders of how cruel life can be.

18. (When) this bullshit.

Got so excited over a 'Who's Next' vinyl but some wanker had to take it from the sleeve😑😩😭 #thriftingproblems



23. When you decide painstakingly curated vintage stores aren't just overpriced; they're also kind of boring.

25. When you can't help but wonder, "Would this look good without shoulder pads?"

Oh, you know.. just removing the shoulder pads from my Salvation Army sweaters #thrifterproblems

Had to rip out shoulder pads from my top this morning. #thriftingproblems

While cleaning my room I've found about 5 pairs of shoulder pads that I ripped out from sweaters and shirts. #thriftingproblems

It's really amusing how many discarded shoulder pads I find laying around. #thrifterproblems

26. When, even though the sign says they close at 6, at 5:50, some salty manager is all...

And then you leave a nasty Yelp review and never return. Ha, just kidding! You're there at 9am the next morning.


Watching Fresh Prince...I own the same dress as one of the actresses #thriftingproblems

28. When a special occasion is fast approaching and you just can't find the right piece to complete your outfit.

30. When after getting so used to filthy, unfriendly, expensive, and picked over spots in your city, you stop at a Salvy somewhere... less frequented.

The Sound of Music / Via

Dresses are how much? What's a return policy? THERE'S A BATHROOM?!

31. When it must be your lucky day.

i bought some jeans from a thrift shop for $4.21 and got home to find $5 in the pocket. i swindled them.

32. Or, when your purchase comes with a ~free gift~ ... and it is not a tiny bottle of perfume.

The downside of thrift-store shopping: finding someone's nasty acrylic fingernail in the pocket of a pair of jeans you're trying on.

33. When the fact is, no matter what lurks in your finds' pockets, you still can never shop enough.

NBC / Via

It's not like regular stores that get new merchandise every few weeks. Stuff gets put out EVERY DAMN DAY.

But buck up, thrifty friends — there's no need to Spano out! When you start to lose your cool, just remember the golden rule.


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