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17 Things People Obsessed With Highlighter Will Understand

Nah, bro, she's not "into markers like that."

1. Highlighter: the glow of a thousand suns in your pocket. The unfailing way to literally brighten your day. The elixir of life.

@irywallenholm / Via

2. No, not that kind of highlighter.


@chaosmakeupartist / Via

4. Oh, dude thinks this is a game?

@relatablequote / Via Twitter: @relatablequote

5. Nah. Highlighter IS important.

@jackxsutton / Via Twitter: @jackxsutton

6. It is an integral part of how you present yourself to the world.

how i feel after trying a new highlighter:

7. Your girls get it.

@makeup_by_juanita / Via

8. They understand how once that light starts bouncing...

9. ... you begin to build a tolerance...

@jazzminxrose / Via Twitter: @jazzminxrose

10. ... until it's just like:

@girlposts / Via Twitter: @girlposts

11. And if they don't understand? Well, that can be handled.


12. You're not doing it for bae's approval, but you won't say no to some make-up makeup...

Ladies get you a man like my cousin 😂😂😂

13. ... with accompanying compliments, if he knows what's best for him.

14. And though you want your highlight to be the best...

@haley_nicole / Via Twitter: @haley_nicole

15. ... you gotta give credit where credit is due.

@BeautyPostss / Via Twitter: @BeautyPostss

16. Because really, let's be honest.

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17. Highlight on, you magical unicorn.

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