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    Here's A Bunch Of Hot Babes Wearing Hot Pink

    It's easy to feel fierce in fuchsia. Here are just a few of the most awesome ways to do it.

    Slay 'em with stripes.

    Break the rules and pair it with red lips...

    ... or go for something a bit more matchy-matchy.

    You could keep it strictly on top...

    ... or get totally wrapped up in it all.

    If you're feeling dramatic, try a '50s prom queen thing.

    You could wear this kind of jacket...

    ... or this kind of jacket.

    Wait, forget jackets. It's summer!

    And while you might not want to swim in this lake, you're gonna need something cool to wear.

    So show a little midriff...

    ... stay breezy with a light cardigan...

    ... or keep it all business with a blazer and jumpsuit.

    Yeah, definitely a jumpsuit.

    High heel or low top, your look is on point.

    So feel free to get carried away...

    ... because if you didn't know already, you've got a friend in pink.