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    Not Even 9 Of The Saddest, Most Mediocre Tweets About #GrowingUpAverage

    Well, that was depressing.

    With all the hubbub around #growingupsomething, it can be hard to know where you fit in. Luckily, #growingupaverage exists, and knows the story of your life.

    1. It knows how you got dressed in the morning like everyone else...

    #GrowingUpAverage Putting on pants one leg at a time

    2. ... or maybe more like Mario Batali.

    #GrowingUpAverage wearing crocs everyday in 5th grade

    3. How you enjoyed, or at least agreed to, doing the necessary things to stay alive and function. And some other stuff.

    Likes food, sleep, Netflix, wifi, and scholarships that I don't get #growingupaverage

    4. And how you more than likely learned about the long con of failure relatively early on.

    #growingupaverage you funnel years into things trying to get good at them so you have a thing, but you can't because you have no potential

    Which, frankly, puts you ahead of your peers who now don't understand why no one wants to buy their screenplay.

    5. And hey, at least you could count on meals to punctuate the banality of your existence.

    #GrowingUpAverage Eating Dinner

    6. Sometimes, even Happy Meals.

    #GrowingUpAverage Your mom texting you "bringing home something to eat" was the most lit text you could receive

    7. Or other happy things not involving homophones.

    #growingupaverage rolling down hills because your at the park

    8. You know, you might even surpass your own expectations yet.

    #growingupaverage this tweet might get 1 or 2 favorites

    Just be sure to keep them low.