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    21 Of The Best Subscription Boxes For Beauty And Health Addicts

    Recommended by some extremely hot BuzzFeed readers.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite subscription boxes. Here are their health and beauty-related picks.

    All of these are priced per box or in the smallest amount possible, not including multi-box subscription discounts.

    1. Play by Sephora, $10

    tiny_teaa / Via

    "You get six high-end makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance samples every month. Out of all the beauty boxes, I think this one is by far the best deal." Submitted by laurenclmcguire

    2. LeParcel, $15

    karabears / Via

    "Now I don't have to make a monthly run to the store for pads! You can customize your box to your flow, and they deliver right before you get your period (it's also a great reminder that 'Shark Week' is coming). Oh, and did I mention they send candy?" Submitted by walkswithdragons

    3. Boxycharm, $21

    neollow713 / Via

    "I have never been unhappy with a box, and I've been getting them for almost a year! I've even received two full-sized palettes." Submitted by Sarabeth Frazee, Facebook

    4. Scentbird, $14.95

    b2sbeauty / Via

    "You get a new rollerball size perfume every month, and you get to choose from a pretty good selection which ones you want to try." Submitted by njena22

    5. Vegan Cuts, $19.95

    emiliecrangle / Via

    "It's a beauty box with cruelty-free makeup and skin care products!" Submitted by laurene33

    6. FabFitFun, $49.99

    fabfitfun / Via

    "You're guaranteed to get over $200 (retail value) worth of stuff in each box, like speakers, super cool water bottles, snacks, candles, chefs' stuff, and more. It's the best!" Submitted by m4856b8e7f

    7. Julep Maven, $24.99

    beautybyalaina / Via

    "You get three nail polishes every month, and you can swap out for additional beauty products like lipstick, blush, or eyeshadows, which are all really nice quality." Submitted by carlys46dc244d4

    8. Birchbox Man, $20

    mysubscriptionaddiction / Via

    "When I get it in the mail I shriek, run to my apartment, and open it nice and slow." Submitted by jimclark836

    9. Walmart Beauty Box, $5

    stefolopogus / Via

    "It includes lots of fun beauty samples from brands that I can actually afford, plus coupons. I got a red lipstick in one of my boxes that's my new favorite." Submitted by Olivia Shaw, Facebook

    10. Handmade Beauty Box, $32

    theblackcurrantshop / Via

    "Definitely this box by DIY beauty blogger Anne-Marie Faiola, so you can make your own beauty treatment projects." Submitted by crazydoodle53

    11. Gainz Box, $32

    gainzbox / Via

    "As a CrossFit/lifting girl, this box is a dream come true. It's carefully curated and has fun and necessary stuff, including a shirt or tank in every box. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to work out!" Submitted by Christy Jerin, Facebook

    12. Birchbox, $10

    aboutmylifesjourney / Via

    "I get so excited about this box every month! The samples are amazing, and surprisingly big. I do wish they were full sized, but everything they have given me is great." Submitted by Ragamuffin

    13. Lip Monthly, $12.95

    thesubscriptionboxaddict / Via

    "It has to do with anything you would wear on your mouth! You tell them your skin tone, and they send you four or five FULL-SIZED products. I just started, and I'm already completely in love." Submitted by AlexxFreeByrd

    14. Dollar Shave Club, $1+

    ethancorliss17 / Via

    "You purchase a handle and every month they send you five new cartridges/blades! Nice, high quality razors, and they're unisex (because razors shouldn't have genders)." Submitted by emilys4ef57d653

    15. Ipsy, $10

    mariashealthydose / Via

    "You take a quiz to tell their stylists what sort of thing you're looking for, and they send you samples in collectable bags. You can also review what you've gotten for rewards points, which you can redeem for products on their site." Submitted by Kellie Tellock, Facebook

    16. Scratch Manicure Box, $30

    anniexo9 / Via

    "These nail wraps are great, with some profits going to the different artists featured." Submitted by teresamurphyt

    17. The PMS Package, $12.99+

    kristin.paige92 / Via

    "I get a box once a month full of candy, snacks, bath items, and other goodies. Personally, I'm in love with it." Submitted by Lily Johnson, Facebook

    18. Petit Vour Box, $15

    makeupfoo / Via

    "It's great for cruelty-free cosmetics!" Submitted by shanonm2

    19. Fortune Cookie Soap Box, $19.99

    freckled_frenchie / Via

    "Each box is themed and comes with a ton of samples, and each comes with a $10 code to use if you want to get something full-sized from the website." Submitted by rosycoloredglass

    20. LaRitzy, $14.99

    girlmeetsbox / Via

    "It's vegan and cruelty-free makeup, and they always send a lot of things I'd pick out myself." Submitted by Rossi Kostova, Facebook

    21. Glossybox, $21

    moodandmoon / Via

    "You get five full-sized products and they are always a surprise. They make sure it matches your skin tone and the products in the box are always worth more than what you pay for it." Submitted by mollyp462ba9218

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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