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21 Life-Changing Health And Beauty Products You Should Try In 2016

As recommended by totally radiant BuzzFeed readers.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what one life-changing item they wish they'd owned sooner. Here are the health and beauty products they love the most.

1. The lushest of brushes:

2. An activity tracker:

3. Coconut oil:

4. A magical face cleaner:

5. An aloe vera plant:

6. A spa-quality headband:

7. An inhalation upgrade:

8. A step up from standard shampoo:

"Solid shampoo bars from Lush! My dandruff is gone and I have to condition only once a week, which is amazing when even the gentlest conditioners make your hair flat. Plus they smell great and are super portable." —lauriej4c1dbc119

You can find all 12 varieties here.

9. An at-home foot pamperer.

"BabyFoot. Before I used it the first time, my feet had years worth of dead skin buildup. After the peel they actually are incredibly soft and I can even feel the ground under my toes, which I couldn't feel before!" Submitted by Victoria Rotramel, Facebook

Get it here.

10. A top-tier toothbrush:

11. And a fabulous floss alternative:

12. A hands-free hair dryer:

13. A back scratcher:

14. Foam rollers.

15. Something to warm you up:

16. And something to cool you down:

17. A mask to fend off migraines:

18. A healing helper:

19. A menstrual cup:

20. Or whatever makes your vag happy:

21. And finally, a caddy to hold all that other stuff:

Stay beautiful!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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