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27 Times #GrowingUpThick Nailed What It's Like To Have Curves

Warning: may cause flashbacks to some truly tragic shopping trips.

1. Raise your hand if you had bruises on your hips from running into the furniture.

#GrowingUpThick Always banging your hips and thighs on the corners of tables, chairs, door frames, footboards, & headboards <<<<

2. And not just the furniture at home, either.

#growingupthick when you had trouble sitting down & getting up out of the cafeteria lunch tables

3. If book report time could more accurately be called "the 'how many pencils can I knock off of desks' challenge..."

#growingupthick and being shy is just a bad combo. Having to squeeze through desks in class & presenting was just

4. ...and recess, "'guess how this turns out' time."

#GrowingUpThick ... You were always the first victim when it came to the "tag" game

5. If the mall was your sworn enemy for a good couple years there...

#GrowingUpThick already hitting the juniors section at kohls in 5th grade while your girls still shopping at limited too 😂 @MelissaHale_


#growingupthick searching for the perfect skinny jeans was like a whole journey.


#GrowingUpThick having melt downs in dressing rooms on the regular.

8. ...and your family reunions went a little something like this.

#GrowingUpThick that one cousin that was half of you.


#GrowingUpThick *family member looks at me, then my older sister then asks me* "you're the oldest, right?"


#growingupthick "you cant wear those pants your uncles are here!!!!" ALL MY PANTS FIT ME LIKE THIS OK!!


#growingupthick your siblings using your thighs as pillows

(You're welcome, sisters.)

12. If going to the neighborhood pool was always really ~fun~...

#growingupthick always having to be the one on the bottom while playing chicken in the pool


when someone invites you to a pool party but your hella self-conscious #growingupthick


#GrowingUpThick not even bothering to try on a pair of VS bathing suit bottoms bc even a size L makes you look like an open can of biscuits

15. ...and dudes just DID NOT GET IT.

#growingupthick means being hit on when you're in the 8th grade by grown men and then THEM getting mad at YOU for being too young


#GrowingUpThick the guys that made fun of you in elementary school are the same ones trying to holla at you now

17. If finding something, anything to wear was totally the worst.


18. Like really, who makes the rules?

When the finger tip rule doesn't apply to the skinny girls but every teacher stops you at the door #GrowingUpThick

19. And even when you found something you could just about wiggle into...

#GrowingUpThick Having To Stretch Everything You Put On😑

20. ...it wasn't guaranteed to last very long.

#GrowingUpThick this is triggering ... 😭😭


Damn well recognizing the sound of your jeans/pants ripping. #growingupthick

22. Your assets weren't about to let you relax for a moment...

#GrowingUpThick i was a B cup for like 5 minutes


Going straight from kids sizes to juniors 7 #growingupthick


#growingupthick Friend: "Finally I'm home. I can take my bra off." Me: "I'm going to bed. Where is my sleeping bra?"

25. ...and you definitely earned your stripes.

#growingupthick stretch marks on your boobs, butt, and thighs

26. But hold up! You had your fair share of advantages, too.

#growingupthick I never had to sit on anyone's lap when the car was packed


#growingupthick when you would go to your friends house and they would put more food on your plate than the other kids

Come to think of it, #GrowingUpThick was pretty awesome.