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12 Times Badass Women Fought Ridiculously Sexist Dress Codes In 2015

Proving once again that females are strong as hell.

1. When a student body president took administrators to task about her own body.

2. When Not "A" Distraction was the perfect mix of bravery and bookishness.

3. When the "fingertip rule" chose the wrong sister to point at.


Do you see anything risqué about the above photo? You're not alone; Texan Erica Alyse Edgerly actually had to add a follow-up to her original viral Facebook post on her sister Macy being sent home from school to explain what exactly the Orangefield High School faculty found objectionable about the outfit. The answer? In a school where shirt hems are required to reach students' fingertips, "The front and back of her shirt were that length... But the small part on the sides was not."

"How about instead of body shaming women, school systems should start teaching 15-18 year old boys to stop degrading women with their eyes and contributing to the rape culture of today’s society," Edgerly wrote in her original post. "Bottom line, girls cannot go to school in comfortable clothes THAT COVER EVERYTHING because school systems are afraid that hormonal boys won’t be able to control their eyes and minds. And that is such a bigger problem than worrying about clothing.”

That's a point much more apparent than the problem with Macy's outfit.

4. When #IAmMoreThanADistraction proved women don't exist solely through a male lens.

5. When after winning the fight against a disproportionately enforced dress code at their school, three teens took their cause citywide.

6. When #IfAnythingSchoolTaughtMe explained the real problem with dress codes in education.

7. When one woman showed off the strong-willed head on her shoulders.

In May, Canadian student Lauren Wiggins was given detention for wearing the full-length dress pictured above, which was deemed a "sexual distraction."

"I’m tired of the discrimination against our bodies, and I’m absolutely fed up with comments that make us feel like we can’t be comfortable without being provocative," Wiggins wrote in a Facebook post about the incident, later adding in a letter to her principal, "If you are truly so concerned that a boy in this school will get distracted by my upper back and shoulders then he needs to be sent home and practice self control."

Um, yeah.

8. When a group of girls made clear that being comfortable wasn't a sexual act.

9. When #CropTopDay's message was short, but not sweet...

10. ...and had a ripple effect that reached across borders.

11. When one very patient YouTuber broke it down for the people in the back.

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12. And finally, when the hilarious Megan McKay taught us the perfect tricks for getting around all those rules.

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Next time someone insinuates your looks should impact your access to books, you know what to say.