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13 Gifts For People Who Think Diversity Is Beautiful

Love isn't all we need, but hey, it's a start.

1. This bracelet for a reminder that we're all in the same boat:

2. This button that knows we're better together:

3. A shirt that's got its priorities straight:

4. A print showing regardless of religion, peace is paramount:

5. A pin that recognizes multiple identities:

6. This tote that knows none of us can be free until we all are:

7. And a magnet that knows how we get there:

8. A button that knows we're perfect as we are:

9. This cuff that celebrates what it is we all want:

10. A pin to put things in perspective:

11. A tee that knows we have to try harder:

12. A necklace for those who agree all people deserve safety and opportunity:

13. And finally, this print that makes it sound so damn simple: