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    This Artist's Drawings Powerfully Show What Women’s Bodies Actually Look Like

    "People are constantly telling women they're the wrong shape, size, or color."

    This is Frances Cannon.

    The 23-year-old artist uses her talents to show and celebrate women's bodies, bodily functions, and sexuality.

    "Growing up, I was forever comparing myself to other girls that I knew," Cannon tells BuzzFeed. "This fostered a very negative view of my body. I was always wishing that I was blonde, blue eyed, and thin."

    But one day, Cannon says, she had a revelation.

    "I realized I hated seeing own body negatively, women bullying each other about their bodies, and the way men viewed our bodies," says Cannon. "The media and other people are constantly telling women they're the wrong shape, size, or color."

    "It is so unhealthy for women to be constantly scrutinized by outsiders, and to constantly try fitting themselves into a box that's so limited and outdated," she says.

    Cannon says there's a wide variety of responses to her work, which often includes themes like body hair and menstruation.

    "My favorite reactions are from women who find my work empowering, and use it as a reminder that they are strong, beautiful, smart, and powerful no matter what they look like," Cannon tells BuzzFeed.

    "The worst reactions have been crude, uneducated comments from trolls, like 'Ew, so fat,' or 'Periods are disgusting,' or 'Armpit hair is so gross.' But I just delete them and move on. No time for haters."

    And if Cannon could say one thing to women struggling with their own body image?

    "Surround yourself with people who celebrate your body and each other's bodies," she says. "Never put another woman down because of her body; loving other women's bodies is an important step in loving your own!"

    We can dig that.

    H/t Dazed Digital