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    16 Disney Memes That Prove It's Time To Dump The Jerk

    I can show you the doooooooor...

    1. If it's physically painful for him to straight up apologize.

    2. If she asks what you want for your birthday, but never actually pays attention to your answer.

    3. If his sense of humor is 25% chauvinistic and 75% just plain dumb.

    4. If she gives you grief for still being friends with your ex...

    5. ... or he generally thinks he gets to dictate your shit.

    6. If their answer is anything besides "No" or "Only you, mon petit pepperoni."

    7. If she's world champion of choosing option three.

    8. If they refuse to take the hint that you want a real, tangible bouquet of flowers...

    9. ... or a real, tangible jar of Nutella.

    10. If she can't keep her stories straight...

    11. ... and they don't fucking shut it.

    12. Replace "to elephant graveyard" with "out late the night before my sister's wedding."

    13. If all he does is take...

    14. ... without making sure you get yours, too.

    15. If this.

    16. TBH, if they're basically any of these things.