19 Things You'll Totally Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Ikea

    An ode to the Flärdfullest place on earth.

    1. Ahh, Ikea. Land of cheap furniture, delicious meatballs, and names you can't pronounce.

    2. Full of numbered aisles all clearly divided into the flat-packed boxes of your compartmentalized dreams.

    3. Just when you realize you left your tape measure at home again, there Ikea is, saving your ass.

    And those pencils! Sure, we can take notes on our phones now, but fuck it! Still amazing.

    4. Experience has taught you that the best way not to get lost for three hours is by simply following the arrows.

    5. Seriously, things can get really confusing.

    6. But at least you know NEVER to go with a partner.

    7. Even though you came in for one plant pot, you still have to look at everything else...

    8. ...which is why your cart always ends up like this.

    9. Plus, if we're being honest, that food court is 🔥🔥🔥...

    10. ...those crunchy blue bags are everything...

    11. ...and if there is a heaven, it surely looks like this.

    12. Back at home, assembling your stuff should be a breeze, since you're the proud owner of a billion identical Allen wrenches.


    14. If you can persevere, though, you'll get that thing together!

    15. (Just make sure you don't have more than half your hardware left over at the end.)

    16. And even if your furniture never looks quite like it did in the showroom...

    17. ...you know those prices — and that lingonberry juice — are just too good to give up.

    18. You'll be back as soon as the Lack shelf comes out in a new color.

    19. Oh, you'll be back.