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    21 Photos Of Flight Attendants Living The Life In Overhead Bins

    Standard seating is so cramped, anyway.

    Flight attendants have a reputation for professional stoicism above all else.

    1. But do you know how they like to blow off steam accrued from all those oversized carry ons, drunken rants, and refusals to buckle your seatbelt?

    2. That's right!

    3. Apparently, flight attendants love climbing into overhead bins.

    4. Some get a little help from their friends...

    5. ... while some get trapped in there by their archenemies.

    6. And some do it in pairs...

    7. (... jet-lagged pairs...)

    8. .... because it's always nice to have a partner in crime.

    9. Some do it looking sharp as hell, be it in a tailored suit...

    10. ... or a jaunty hat.

    11. And some do it more like adorably sneaky little bunnies.

    12. Sure, it may be a bit of a struggle to get up there at first...

    13. ... but if they want it badly enough...

    14. (... almost there...)

    15. (... so close...)

    16. ... they'll make it in eventually.

    17. After all, the sky's the limit.

    18. Seriously, what a charming bunch...

    19. ... especially considering the daily challenges of their work.

    20. Give these people a hand. They give their guests plenty.

    21. Thank you, flight attendants!