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19 Things Big-Boobed Girls Who Love Clothes Know To Be True

Pros and cups.

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1. If a swimsuit fits on the bottom, you know it's tiny up top.

3. ... and images on tees always get weirdly warped.

5. ... and YKK's more like "Why, oh why?"

8. As jewelry goes, long necklaces either disappear into your cleavage, or do the swingy tata dance.

9. Trying to look professional? You'll definitely be wearing a pullover to that interview.

(Alternatively, you could let Fashion Tape be your new best friend.)

13. You need maximum storage for those over the shoulder boulder holders.

16. Because your shape doesn't "peek" — peaking is more its style.

17. On the other hand, low-cut tops are a great place to keep all your shopping day snacks...

18. ... and there's always room for cash in there in case you see something you like.

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