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22 Guys Who Could Not Be Wearing Denim Any Better

Their dungarees got us hun-g-ry.

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1. Denim is eternally dope.

2. It's hard to go wrong with such a style classic, whether you're wearing it up top...

4. ... or all over the damn place.

5. Dapper dudes, we salute your Texas tuxedo...

6. ... your flowery flourishes...

7. ... and even your "James Dean daydream" duds.

8. When you're ripped, we're gripped...

9. ... and those hips make us trip.

10. We have a deeply vested interest in your patches...

12. When you're collarless, you're flawless...

13. ... and your jackets got us gawking.

14. You're killing it in casual or impeccably polished.

20. Keep it all city chic...

21. ... or look fly outta town.

22. Whatever you're doing, keep holding it down.


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