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20 Absurdly Chic Dogs That Have Mastered The Art Of Winter Dressing

Woofin' in a winter wonderland.

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1. Noodle, who's got that classic cutiepie thing down.

noodleinthecity / Via

2. Darren and Phillip, who aren't leaving the house today and look damn good doing it.

the_blueboys / Via

3. Champion layerer Mutta.

mutta_frenchie / Via

4. Fashionista Abigail, who knows a good knit when she sees one.

abigail_iggy / Via

5. Tiger the Shiba, who'd rather be snowboarding.

tiger_the_shiba / Via

6. This nap queen.

(Would legit wear a dress in that print.)
pansthepeijessram / Via

(Would legit wear a dress in that print.)

7. Pogi the Toy, with a fresh take on Paddington's signature look.

pogithetoy / Via

8. Indigo the Mini Doxie, who knows a good neutral goes a long way.

indi_gram0202 / Via

9. This long-legged lady.

colossuscanine / Via

10. This colorful couple who, now that they think about it, would actually rather stay indoors.

socialteesnyc / Via

11. Lizzie, who found the perfect coat to match her eyes.

12. This pretty plaid prepster.

gus_and_rosie / Via

13. Powerclashing dynamos Annie and Chester.

annieandchester / Via

14. Angel, who's going smurf chic in PJs that match her natural hair dye.

angelmaltipoo / Via

15. Mulan, Warrior Pugcess. Need we say more?

mulan_warriorpugcess / Via

16. This spotted sweetie who knows what's hood.

ramsesisgreat / Via

17. And this blanketed babe who's got a cold nose, but a warm heart.

kiraschnoodle / Via

Keep on rockin' it, everybody.

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