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    17 Stars Who Don't Play By Fashion Rules

    Pretty is nice. Interesting is better.

    1. Jemima Kirke

    As the London-born, NYC-raised daughter of a rock star and the owner of a beloved Manhattan vintage store, it's no surprise that Kirke's style is just as wonderfully quirky as that of her Girls counterpart, Jessa Johansson.

    2. Tessa Thompson

    The Creed actor has spoken at length about the inspiration she gets from thrift shops, and often takes risks with unconventional shapes and details (that totally pay off).

    3. Rowan Blanchard

    The Girl Meets World star tends towards casual cuts in whimsical prints.

    4. Diane Kruger

    The actor has a serious eye for floaty fabrics and incredible details.

    5. Lupita Nyong'o

    Nyong'o built her red carpet reputation on classic cuts in bright colors, and has since expanded her repertoire to include more looks that are weird and wonderful.

    6. Cate Blanchett

    Blanchett stuns constantly in sumptuous bias cut gowns and avant garde shapes alike.

    7. Amandla Stenberg

    Stenberg's red carpet choices are wonderfully radical — the perfect fit for someone who won't shy away from conversations about race and feminism, and who always says what she means.

    8. Florence Welch

    Welch has been outspoken about her love of vintage, but it's clear she loves embroidery and sparkle no matter the era.

    9. FKA Twigs

    The singer's red carpet vibes are just as weird and eclectic as her music — and that's not a bad thing at all.

    10. Sarah Paulson

    The American Horror Story actress seems to go wild for quirky prints and all the texture she can get.

    11. Janelle Monae

    Monae always looked amazing in her signature tux, but it's exciting to see the archandroid stepping out in more diverse looks, too.

    12. Kristen Stewart

    On her off time, Stewart tends to stick to jeans and t-shirts — but when it comes to events, she's a sucker for edgy embellishments.

    13. Solange Knowles

    Knowles is constantly killing it in sculptural shapes, textured fabrics, and unexpected accessories.

    14. Tilda Swinton

    Much like her brother from another mother David Bowie, Swinton looks equally natural (and stupendous) in both masculine and feminine ensembles.

    15. Nicole Richie

    Richie's style has come a long way since The Simple Life. Once a poster child for stylist Rachel Zoe's signature boho look, Richie's sartorial choices have evolved into something uniquely her.

    16. Zoe Kravitz

    The singer/actor is the product of Coolest Parents in the World™ Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Need we say more?

    17. Chloe Sevigny

    Ah, the grand dame of weird red carpet looks. This list just wouldn't be the same without her. *Bows to the queen*

    Yes, André. Yes it is.