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    OITNB's Danielle Brooks' New Hashtag Campaign Embraces All Shapes

    "You already know what I'm reppin: Team Love ThySelf."

    Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Brooks is the perfect celebrity crush: She can act, she can sing, she's total best friend material, and she's now using her notoriety to empower others.

    On Monday, Brooks took to Instagram to announce her involvement alongside People StyleWatch magazine in the #LoveYourShape campaign.

    "You already know what I'm reppin: Team Love ThySelf," wrote Brooks in Monday's post, encouraging women to share photos of themselves with the tag #LoveYourShape.

    Brooks' body-diverse fans have already begun tagging away, resulting in hundreds of posts since the beginning of the week.

    Naturally since it's summer, there's a lot of swimwear involved...

    ... and some underwear, too...

    ... and more.

    And it seems like those who've posted so far have some very different reasons for using the tag.

    "As business women, we often get so caught up in our work that we forget about our well being," says oursisters.ourtime. "Thanks [Danielle] for being so inspiring to women!"

    "I've never felt better about my body than when I hit mile 12 of my first half marathon," StyleWatch executive editor Bethany Heitman notes in her entry.

    "I've made it to a point where I'm finally on the way to the best shape of my life, which I'm proud of," says hansimon89.

    "It's taken me quite some time to embrace my figure and learn that my curves are an asset," says malikaprichett. "It's my hope that every woman is able to make peace with their bodies and love who they are inside and out."

    "Some days its hard to have the confidence to wear a shirt like this," says polkadotdoll13. "But if it helps at least one little baby fat girl have the confidence to break out of her fashion shell I will wear it every. damn. day."

    "You only get one body," says pricillajdesigns. "#Love it to the fullest."

    To get involved with the campaign, tag a photo of yourself, which may be reposted, with #LoveYourShape.