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    21 Photos That Prove OITNB's Danielle Brooks Is The Best Ever


    In case you hadn't noticed, Orange Is the New Black's Danielle Brooks is a national treasure/stunningly beautiful goddess/incredibly hilarious and brilliantly talented human being.

    Yes, she's a megastar who gets fawned over like this.

    Yes, she's working that showstopping dress at what is probably the coolest beachfront property of all time.

    But really, she doesn't seem to be taking it all too seriously.

    In fact, she's total best friend material. Here are all the reasons she's your dream partner-in-crime.

    1. She's super silly.

    2. And 100% adorable.

    3. And, like, crazy positive at all times.

    4. She loves her sports...

    5. much as she appreciates the arts.

    6. She's not too famous to ride the rails...

    7. ...but doesn't deprive herself when more exciting opportunities arise.

    8. She's passionate about both social justice...

    9. ...and self-love.

    10. She's always got time for her girls...

    11. ...and her GIRLS.

    12. Like we said.

    13. Plus, she supports her friends' professional endeavors...

    14. ...and celebrates their personal victories.

    15. And she remembers important dates, too.

    16. She's also thankful for her admirers...

    17. ...and has even been known to fangirl out herself, from time to time.

    18. She's a free spirit who rocks the whole topless musician thing on occasion.

    19. Hell, girlfriend even jumps on the damn bed when she feels like it.

    20. Plus, she remembers where she came from.

    21. Though to be honest, her whole family kind of seems like fun.

    So if you don't know, now you know.