Tape Contouring Is About To Be Either Your New Favorite Thing Or A Total Waste Of Office Supplies

Wonder if this trend will ~stick~.

1. In the beginning, there was contouring.

laurabadura / Via Instagram: @laurabadura

2. Then, there was clown contouring.

belladelune / Via Instagram: @belladelune

3. Then, people gave up on contouring altogether and embraced the way easier method of strobing.

kassbeautyrebel / Via Instagram: @kassbeautyrebel

4. And now, apparently, we’ve actually reached peak contour, as evidenced by makeup queen Huda Kattan’s tutorial on how to do it using Scotch tape.

5. Responses are mixed, with some beauty devotees trying the method for themselves…

6. …and some people just like, I’m good.

@xeinaaaa / Via Twitter: @xeinaaaa

7. And it’s a tough call, because precision is cool, but seeing all that contouring cream get wasted is kind of painful.

hudabeauty / Via

8. So what do you think? Are you planning to try Huda’s method, or are you saving the tape for your desk drawer?

hudabeauty / Via
  1. Do you think the tape contouring method is a good idea?
    1. Totally! I’m about to run to Staples and stock up.
    2. Absolutely not! That shit is ridiculous.

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