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    13 Weird And Wonderful Facts About Your Favorite Books As A Kid

    "Where The Wild Horses Are"?

    1. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was inspired to write The Little Prince while stuck in the desert post-plane crash.

    2. Green Eggs and Ham was the result of a bet.

    3. The Giving Tree almost wasn't published, as editors didn't believe it would resonate with readers of any age.

    4. Where the Wild Things Are was almost about horses.

    5. Similarly, Goodnight Moon's characters were almost humans. Almost.

    6. H.A. Rey and his wife Margret fled Paris on bicycles with the first manuscript of Curious George in 1940, shortly before the city was taken by Nazis.

    7. The idea for Charlotte's Web came from E.B. White's fascination with the (many!) spiders in his own home.

    8. Eric Carle got the idea for The Very Hungry Caterpillar from...playing with a hole punch.

    9. The steps taken by Alice in Alice: Through the Looking Glass make up a playable game of chess (though not necessarily an efficient one).

    10. Everything you thought you knew about Madeline's characters is apparently untrue.

    11. In the Australian version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Alexander wants to move to Timbuktu.

    12. Bridge to Terabithia author Katherine Paterson didn't realize at first that she'd kind of snatched the kingdom's name from The Chronicles of Narnia.

    13. In 1929, J.M. Barrie gifted Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children his Peter Pan rights, which have benefited the organization ever since.