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    21 Of The Most Absurdly Epic Nail Art Portraits Of Our Time

    It's like a tiny awards show, right on your hands.

    1. This perfect Prince painting.

    vsbnailboutique / Via

    2. And this little Leo.

    anna_xiewei / Via

    3. Plus this rendering of RiRi, who's got her eye on you.

    4. This Drag Race-inspired set.

    tres_she / Via

    5. These Kim K claws.

    r_goodie15 / Via

    6. And these Lana Del Razor-sharp tips.

    the_nailguru / Via

    7. Tupac.

    corasunsetarts / Via

    8. (But don't worry! Biggie, too.)

    bellabuttonz / Via

    9. This 1D wonder.

    andreitus_nails / Via

    10. And these Jackson 5 (fingers).

    millis_nails / Via

    11. "Blank Space"-era Taylor.

    alexnicole_nails / Via

    12. (And her cats, of course.)

    naileditnz / Via

    13. These Selena Quinta-nails-a.

    nailedbyvivi / Via

    14. Miley Cyrus.

    trianails / Via

    15. And then these Nicki Minaj nails that are like, excuse me Miley nails, please take several seats.

    haha_nails_ / Via

    16. Nic Cage.

    nailsmagazine / Via

    17. William Wallace!

    nailart4jc / Via

    18. Gotye and Kimbra.

    bambideerssss / Via

    19. This ode to Drake's landscape of emotions.

    jessyoung__ / Via

    20. And this ode to Beyoncé's ode to Red Lobster.

    josesnails / Via

    (Just that part of the video, I mean.)

    21. And last but certainly not least, Betty motherfucking White.

    elsbeth211 / Via

    Keep your hands steady out there, babes.