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    21 Of The Most Absurdly Epic Nail Art Portraits Of Our Time

    It's like a tiny awards show, right on your hands.

    1. This perfect Prince painting.

    2. And this little Leo.

    3. Plus this rendering of RiRi, who's got her eye on you.

    4. This Drag Race-inspired set.

    5. These Kim K claws.

    6. And these Lana Del Razor-sharp tips.

    7. Tupac.

    8. (But don't worry! Biggie, too.)

    9. This 1D wonder.

    10. And these Jackson 5 (fingers).

    11. "Blank Space"-era Taylor.

    12. (And her cats, of course.)

    13. These Selena Quinta-nails-a.

    14. Miley Cyrus.

    15. And then these Nicki Minaj nails that are like, excuse me Miley nails, please take several seats.

    16. Nic Cage.

    17. William Wallace!

    18. Gotye and Kimbra.

    19. This ode to Drake's landscape of emotions.

    20. And this ode to Beyoncé's ode to Red Lobster.

    21. And last but certainly not least, Betty motherfucking White.

    Keep your hands steady out there, babes.