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This Woman Proves Plus-Size Fashion "Rules" Are Meant To Be Broken

Kam Franklin of The Suffers breaks plus-size fashion "rules" in striped, sleeveless, and (gasp!) sheer looks.

1. "Don't wear anything that clings."

2. "Always cover your arms."

3. "Miniskirts? Don't even think about it."

4. "Solid black is best."

5. "Steer clear of stripes (and certainly don't pair them with polka dots)."

6. "Keep it simple; you don't get to play with trends."

7. "Tomboy styles won't work on curves."

8. "And don't you dare try anything sexy."

9. "Basically, just forget about having fun."

Makeup Artist: Regan Rabanal, Senior Artist, MAC Cosmetics

Hairstylist: Mia Emilio, Senior Stylist, Devachan Salon

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