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20 Things That Happen When You Bring Your Big Boobs On Vacation

This one goes out to the girls whose bras won't fit in a carry-on.

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Traveling with big boobs is a unique experience.

1. Airlines' ever-shrinking luggage allotments can be tough, but you still need to pack the most support possible.

#thatawkwardmoment your bras need their own suitcase


3. It's painful not to make a joke with security about how "bomb" (adj.) your chest is. You're still working to suppress the urge.

They're not bombs, they're just my boobs (receiving my third TSA patdown)

4. Walking to your seat means nearly giving several fellow passengers free motorboating opportunities...

6. Also, has this crossed anyone else's mind before?

Turbulence is a button airline pilots push just to make our boobs bounce.


7. Still, it's not all bad.

I never pack a travel pillow, because when I get tired, I just nod my head forward and rest it on my boobs.


11. Boating is cool, if the water is still that day.

12. Backpacking? Make sure your gear is...generous.

14.'ll also want to escape it if need be.

15. If you're headed in the equestrian direction, hang on tight!

Horseback riding kinda went like this: one hand holding the saddle, one hand preventing my boobs from hitting my face

To your boobs, that is. To your boobs.

17. At Oktoberfest, though, your sweater stretchers are a total asset.

18. As they are in the event of a water landing...

My boobs are like my own personal floatation device.


19. ...on Fat Tuesday...

Nice try, pal, but they didn't say "Show us your kits."

20. ...and in a few other places, assuming you're a Karen Smith type.

Sebastians gonna hurt himself jet skiing I feel it in my boobs

So embrace those chesticles of yours! Literally.

Go out there with your perky pumpkins and make some beautiful mammaries.

Just make sure to take photos of all the sights, and enjoy!